21 November 2017, Park Hyatt, Vienna

    • 08:30

      Registration and breakfast

    • 09:00

      Chair's opening remarks

    • 09:05

      Keynote session

      Kamen  Zahariev
      Kamen Zahariev
      Director – Corporate Recovery, EBRD
    • 09:25

      Agrokor presentation

      • Events leading up to the filing for extraordinary administration
      • Lex Agrokor – why was it established, how it differs from existing pre-insolvency processes
      • Latest developments – status of the restructuring (based on Debtwire Intelligence)
      Chris Haffenden
      Chris Haffenden
      Managing Editor, CEEMEA, Debtwire
    • 09:40

      Panel discussion: Agrokor, impacts for the Croatian economy and the Balkans

      • Banking sector and other financial institutions exposure to Agrokor
      • Suppliers, will they also fall into distress?
      • What are the Croatian authorities doing to mitigate the impact on the economy?
      • Likely effects on Agrokor’s non-Croatian operations, and other Balkan economies
      Boris Šavorić
      Boris Šavorić
      Senior Partner, Savoric & Partners
      Dominik 	 Dolenec
      Dominik Dolenec
      Managing Partner, Emona Capital
      Paolo Crespo
      Paolo Crespo
      Partner, Pillarstone
      Raj Apte
      Raj Apte
      Head of Restructuring for Central and Southeast Europe , EY
      Stefan Selden
      Stefan Selden
      Partner, 720 Restructuring & Advisory
      Mehdi Khouadja
      Mehdi Khouadja
      Deputy Head Loan Syndication, Raiffeisen Bank International
      Chris Haffenden
      Chris Haffenden
      Managing Editor, CEEMEA, Debtwire
    • 10:20

      Updates on European Harmonisation laws

      • An in-depth review of the framework and overview of the legislative process
      • Examining the success rates and concerns from different regions
      • What are the benefits of a revised framework?
      • What the implications might be?
      • What standards are non-EU countries following? Are there any specific guidelines?
    • 10:50

      Networking Coffee Break

    • 11:20

      Where have all the restructurings gone?

      Now new money is now available will restructurings continue? Will high yield bonds prevail over restructuring? European leverage debt vs. loans?

      Dorian Macovei
      Dorian Macovei
      Managing Director, EMSA Capital
      Ilija Plavcic
      Ilija Plavcic
      Regional Director of Central Europe, B2kapital
      Igor Tsibelman
      Igor Tsibelman
      Managing Partner, Charitable Chevalier d'Aglerais
      Florian  Klimscha
      Florian Klimscha
      Partner, Freshfields
    • 12:10

      Presentation: Comprehensive structuring of CEE entities

      • Process of “level setting” stakeholder expectations
      • Sourcing new equity for M&A
      • Debt restructuring / haircut
      • Challenges / lessons learnt
      Raj Apte
      Raj Apte
      Head of Restructuring for Central and Southeast Europe , EY
    • 12:30

      Roundtable Discussions: Evaluating the best toolkit for future restructurings in the region

      Join an informal roundtable and discuss with peers where you think the future of restructuring in CEE lies. The table leaders will present their findings and discussions on stage at the end of the session. This session provides a chance to network and have topical discussions with a mix of industry professionals

      • What does the community need to do to facilitate restructuring?
      • What is missing from the toolkit? And what solutions does the industry need?
      • What are the next game changers in the industry?
    • 13:15

      Networking Lunch Break

    • 14:15

      Spotlight Session: Around Europe with Richard Tett

      • Discussing the new European insolvency law – practical experiences
      • Will the new Dutch scheme be implemented? What will the biggest impacts be? How similar is it to the UK’s “Scheme of arrangement”?
      • What does Brexit mean for restructuring in the region? EU vs Non – EU members in the CEE region
       Richard  Tett
      Richard Tett
      Partner, Freshfields
    • 14:45

      Presentation: Discussing bank restructurings in Bulgaria and Moldovia

      Friedrich  Jergitsch
      Friedrich Jergitsch
      Partner, Freshfields
    • 15:15

      Country Focus – Time to reassess Ukraine

      • Sovereign and corporates returning to the cap markets
      • Improved insolvency regime, tackling corruption
      • Several large deals restructured, more to come?
      • NPLs – still too difficult to tackle?
      Jonathan Nighswander
      Jonathan Nighswander
      Director , Schottentor Capital
      Roman Nikitov
      Roman Nikitov
      Director, ICU
      Victor Gladky
      Victor Gladky
      CFO, Astarta
    • 16:00

      Closing Remarks

    • 16:05

      Networking Drinks