13 SEPTEMBER 2017, Villa Kennedy, FRANKFURT

    • 09:30

      Registration & Coffee

    • 10:00

      Chair's Welcome Remarks

    • 10:15

      Keynote: Trumponomics, Brexit and emerging markets

      Speaker to explore the key macro drivers of economic fortunes in Germany. 

    • 10:45

      Sector focus: Fashion & retail

      Restructurings in the fashion and retail industry with a number of recent live deals and a sector talked about regularly. 

      Florian Kawohl
      Florian Kawohl
      Managing Director , SVP Global
      Max Mayer-Eming
      Max Mayer-Eming
      Managing Director , Macquarie Restructuring & Special Situations
      Daniel  Heine
      Daniel Heine
      Managing Director - Private Debt , Patrimonium Asset Management
    • 11:30

      Coffee break

    • 12:00

      On-stage interview

      This conversation will focus on how the reorganization of banks have impacted the nature of how restructurings themselves get done. We will aim to compare and contrast the approaches of German institutions versus international banks and seek to understand what opportunities there are to improve. 

    • 12:30

      Panel: Banking

      With regulator positive towards international investment in Germany's banking sector, we look at the evolving landscape for banks. 

      Sven  Guckelberger
      Sven Guckelberger
      Managing Director , Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW)
      Oskar  von Kretschmann
      Oskar von Kretschmann
      Managing Director - European Head Illiquid and Distressed Sourcing , HSBC
      Oliver Kehren
      Oliver Kehren
      Managing Director , Morgan Stanley
    • 13:15

      Networking Lunch

    • 14:15

      Sector Focus: Automotive

      Automotive parts manufacturers, especially in China, are pushing into radars, sensors and cameras to keep pace with the shift to self -driving vechiles. Auto industry bankers are increasingly spending time in silicon valley with M&A targeting electronics, communications and software. What does this mean for the traditional parts manufacturers that can't move fast enough? 

    • 15:00

      Panel: Hot legal topics in German restructuring

      An update on the timetable for the EU bankruptcy law harmonization and other relevant issues, including the cancellation of debt income taxation, how it is relevant for junior holders and whether the repercussions for structuring debt forgiveness. 

    • 15:45

      Head-to-head: Where to restructure?

      Investors and lawyers consider the routes available to investors; if UK Scheme of Arrangement isn't possible post-Brexit, what are the alternatives?

      Bertram Schuetz
      Bertram Schuetz
      Senior Vice President , Avenue Capital
    • 16:15

      Chair's closing remarks

    • 16:30

      Networking Drinks