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Potential, Challenges & Outlook in APAC

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  • Governments in Asia have so far responded to the coronavirus with various monetary and fiscal measures to help support their economies while temporary amendments to insolvency laws have also been made to help companies that, amid sudden cash flow crunches, are finding themselves unable to service their debt. But given the virus’ impact will likely have a longer and more profound effect than was anticipated, it is almost certain restructurings and bankruptcies will skyrocket around the region. For many investors looking to explore the opportunities that will arise in the coming year, it will be essential to understand the different economic, governmental and legal frameworks of each country in the region, and how risks can be mitigated.

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    In this live panel discussion, we take stock of the response to date in APAC’s major economies and consider the areas where financial stress is of greatest concern, including:

    • Overview of Asia’s distressed debt market including country-by-country insights
    • Bolstering liquidity; the scale and means by which companies are accessing cash?
    • What effect will economic stimulus and insolvency laws in the various APAC countries have?
    • After the curve flattens - distressed watch lists; outlook for the industries that present restructuring opportunities; the options being pursued
    • How will restructuring have to be facilitated in an era of remote-working and social distancing?

    Luc Mongeon
    Luc Mongeon Managing Editor, Debtwire Asia-Pacific
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