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Debtwire Brazil Forum 2016


Political tension, economic turmoil and the global commodities rout have pushed Brazil’s economy to new lows, and presented enormous challenges for Brazilian borrowers. This means more opportunities continue to emerge in the distressed debt sector.

Join Debtwire and industry experts for a discussion on the debt landscape in Brazil.

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      Ben  Miller
      Ben Miller
      Managing Editor- Latin America, Debtwire (moderator)
    • 03:45

      Brazil’s outlook in 2016

      • How will Brazilian borrowers fare in the commodities sector? Will any of them outperform their peers, and if so, how will they do that?
      • Will Brazilian exporters continue to survive?
      • Are we at all close to a reversal of Brazil’s economic and political instability?
      • How can Vale, Oi, CSN and other former blue-chip companies now trading at distressed levels deal with their debt issues? Who will join the rank of the restructurers and who will survive?
      Alexandre  Paixão
      Alexandre Paixão
      Credit Portfolio Manager, Banco Votorantim
      Carlos A.  Abadi
      Carlos A. Abadi
      CEO, ACGM – Abadi & Co. Global Markets
      Felipe  Iglesias
      Felipe Iglesias
      LatAm Credit Trading, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
      Rafael   Fritsch
      Rafael Fritsch
      Sócio, Peninsula Investimentos
      Joaquim Oliveira
      Joaquim Oliveira
      Sócio, Souza, Cescon, Barrieu & Flesch Advogados (moderador)
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      Coffee break

    • 05:15

      Bankruptcy and restructuring in Brazil

      • How does Tonon’s failed out-of-court restructuring dim the hopes of others looking to avoid Recuperaco Judicial?
      • Will we see restructurings of former investment-grade corporates in the near future? How would this differ from the processes of smaller traditional high-yield borrowers we’ve seen so far?
      • OAS at a glance: what have we learned about DIPs, Chapter 15 considerations and the rights of locals versus international creditors?
      • Given the turmoil, how many more restructurings/bankruptcies can we expect in the next year?
      • Will the magnitude of the Car Wash investigation and the potential in-court restructuring of some big name corporates hasten changes to Brazil’s bankruptcy process?
      Alexandre Gossn Barreto
      Alexandre Gossn Barreto
      Sócio, Souza, Cescon, Barrieu & Flesch Advogados
      Erick  Alberti
      Erick Alberti
      Managing Director, Moelis & Company
      Gustavo M.  Ubrig
      Gustavo M. Ubrig
      Director, Latin America Credit Trading, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
      Tiago  Lopes
      Tiago Lopes
      Sócio, Souza, Cescon, Barrieu & Flesch Advogados
      Luis  de Lucio
      Luis de Lucio
      Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal (moderador)
    • 06:15

      Cocktail reception

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