Highlighting restructuring opportunities in the German market

Villa Kennedy
11 September 2018
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    Keynote: Macro environment

    An outlook on interest rates and geopolitical developments.

  • 09:45

    Panel: Opportunities in German banking

    Private equity investment is nothing new for the domestic financial services sector. Yet already in 2018, EUR 3.7billion of M&A activity has exceeded the previous annual peak of 2013, led by J.C. Flowers & Co. and Cerberus’ acquisition of HSH Nordbank. This follows a string of deals last year, including Apollo’s buyout of Oldenburgische Landesbank AG and HPS Investment Partners bid for parts of IKB. Meanwhile, the capital raising of NordLB from private investors and Deutsche Bank’s strategic repositioning show the commercial and regulatory realities of operating a bank in Germany today. In this panel we consider the outlook for the sector, the value creation angle for private equity owners and consider future opportunities.

    Manfred Puffer
    Manfred Puffer
    Senior Advisor
  • 10:15

    Panel: Debt financing outlook

    This session will offer an outlook from borrowers and lenders on trends in the bond, loan and Schuldschein markets. German leveraged loan issuance has climbed strongly in recent years, buoyed by cheap financing costs and the freely callable nature of loans. Refinancing and repricing activity drove over 50% of loan issuance in early 2018, according to Debtwire data. German debt represents a significant share of European CLO holdings, at almost EUR8bn. By contrast, German high yield bond volume has trended down, impacted by factors including ‘rising star’ issuers moving into the investment grade space. Schuldschein has gained favour among non-German borrowers, which have grown from 20% of the market a few years ago to 50% today. This has given corporates access to a new investor base away from the capital markets through a simpler and cheaper structure.  However, recent restructuring cases may have an impact on investor appetite.

    Fabian Graber
    Fabian Graber
    Reporter, Debtwire
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    Networking coffee

  • 11:30

    Panel: Financial stress scenarios

    This session of investors and traders will consider how the different instruments discussed in the previous panel may behave in restructuring scenarios.

    Alexander Krämer
    Alexander Krämer
    Managing Director, Deutsche Bank
  • 12:15

    Panel: Role of Stakeholders in Out-of-Court Restructurings

    The success of an out-of-court restructuring is often determined by the different roles of its stakeholders, including in particular also the shareholders. Based on their different backgrounds, panelists will discuss how this has played out in past cases, building different characteristic groups of cases, and forming a view how this will play out in the next wave of restructurings.

    David Lofts
    David Lofts
    Portfolio Manager, Head of Trading & Origination, Cheyne Capital
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    Interactive presentation: Automotive sector outlook

    As the supply chain for automotive and parts manufacturers continues to shift, we consider the immediate impacts of connected vehicles and autonomous driving. Thomas will offer viewpoints on the future deal landscape and the wind-down/run-off scenarios which result from disruptive technologies.

  • 14:30

    Panel: What will the next wave of restructuring look like?

    This session will consider the triggers for the turn of the cycle, inspired by discussions from the previous sessions and opening keynote. Panellists will also be asked how they think the restructuring landscape may be different, such as the risk appetite of German banks to buy into restructured companies as other creditors sell out. We also ask how investors may source opportunities following years of cov-lite loan issuance.

    Sven  Guckelberger
    Sven Guckelberger
    Managing Director, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW)
    Oskar  von Kretschmann
    Oskar von Kretschmann
    Managing Director - European Head Illiquid and Distressed Sourcing, HSBC
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    Closing remarks

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