Debtwire Investors Summit

JW Marriott Essex House
New York, NY
April 25, 2018
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    • 08:30

      Registration and Breakfast

    • 08:55

      Welcome Remarks

      Kate  Marino
      Kate Marino
      Deputy Editor - North America, Acuris (moderator)
    • 09:00

      Keynote Presented by Gary W. Loveman, Ph.D., Former President, Consumer Health and Services of Aetna, & Former CEO of Caesars Entertainment Corporation

      Prior to joining Aetna in September 2015, Gary Loveman had run Caesars Entertainment Corp for 12 years where he was responsible for establishing the company’s Total Rewards program and growing the company into the largest casino operator in the world.

      Listen to Loveman discuss how Caesars was able to eventually exit bankruptcy by enduring highly contentious issues, establishing new precedents in court and finding common ground with creditors that left some subordinated holders with 66 cents of every dollar they were owed. The former CEO will also hash out in what he perceives as the best path forward for Caesars and its stakeholders to achieve long-term growth in an economy full of new competition from online gambling and new gaming hubs throughout the country.

      Topics to be discussed include:

      • How did Loveman manage the different warring creditors during the restructuring process? 
      • What was the experience like working with Apollo Global Management on directing the restructuring?
      • Looking back, what did Loveman wish he knew at the outset, and what kind of advice would he give other executives facing a similar situation?
      Gary Loveman, Ph.D.
      Gary Loveman, Ph.D.
      Former President, Consumer Health and Services of Aetna, & Former CEO of Caesars Entertainment Corporation
    • 09:20

      Distressed Strategies

      With higher rates on the horizon and demand for refinancing set to grow over the next several years, distressed debt investors are adjusting their strategies. Meanwhile, in Washington DC, the Republican majority continues to pursue a reform agenda making changes to tax law and regulation, which has presented a mixed outlook for distressed firms.

      Delegates will have an opportunity to listen to panelists discuss changing distressed debt strategies and investment ideas under the current environment. 

      • What sectors are heading for trouble in near future and what distressed strategies will fund managers employ to take advantage?
      • How have various political reforms affected distressed debt strategies?
      • How are activist investors changing the game for distressed investors?
      Michael Lipsky
      Michael Lipsky
      Senior Credit Analyst, Knighthead Capital Management, LLC
      Louis  Wang
      Louis Wang
      Principal, Third Point LLC
      Keith  Wofford
      Keith Wofford
      Partner, Ropes & Gray LLP
      Jared  Worman
      Jared Worman
      Portfolio Manager, Brigade Capital Management, LP
      Kyle   Younker
      Kyle Younker
      Senior Reporter, Debtwire (moderator)
    • 10:20

      Coffee Networking Break

    • 10:40

      Fireside Chat

      Emanuel  Grillo
      Emanuel Grillo
      Partner, Baker Botts LLP
      Kevin  Phillips
      Kevin Phillips
      Senior Managing Director & Co-Head of Power, Energy & Infrastructure, Cantor Fitzgerald & Co.
    • 11:00

      Presentation: Spotlight on Restructuring Insights

      Jack Tracy, Head of Legal Analysis for the Americas, will present an analysis of filing and exit strategies, involved creditors and their disclosed holdings as well as retained advisors and their disclosed fees. Powered by Debtwire’s new Restructuring Data platform, this interactive session will highlight newly filed and recently emerged bankruptcy cases in Q1 2018.

      Jack M. Tracy II
      Jack M. Tracy II
      Head of Legal Analysis for the Americas, Debtwire (moderator)
    • 11:15

      Hot Topics in Bankruptcy

      2017 saw a wave of new energy bankruptcies tapering off, just as the current retail meltdown began in earnest. 2018 is poised to present a fresh set of issues for the restructuring world. Between the impact of ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, and the growth of electric cars that require a fraction of the parts needed in traditional vehicles, the automotive industry is in the midst of a profound shift. From auto rental companies to auto parts makers, distress is already starting to spread. Meanwhile, the rise in litigation funding and a fresh debate over bankruptcy forum shopping could dramatically change corporate restructuring for years to come. 

      Panelists will discuss the latest in bankruptcy trends, along with a sector outlook.

      • Auto meltdown: What will the next wave of restructuring in the industry look like, and how will it be different this time? 
      • Trouble in healthcare: Regulatory changes and consolidation are driving a fresh round of restructuring work.
      • Bankruptcy venue reform: How will a bipartisan bill proposal impact forum shopping, especially at a time when large cases are already being filed in more districts? Will it gain traction this time?

      Christopher  Kearns
      Christopher Kearns
      Managing Director, Berkeley Research Group
      Teresa C. Kohl
      Teresa C. Kohl
      Managing Director, SSG Capital Advisors, LLC
      Richard Morgner
      Richard Morgner
      Global Co-Head, Restructuring & Recapitalization, Jefferies LLC
      Dawn  Ragan
      Dawn Ragan
      Managing Director, Bridgepoint Consulting
      Chérie  Schaible
      Chérie Schaible
      General Counsel, Ankura Consulting Group, LLC
      John  Bringardner
      John Bringardner
      Global Legal Editor, Debtwire (moderator)
    • 12:15


    • 01:15

      Presentation: Spotlight on U.S. Leveraged Insights

      CJ Doherty, Global Head of Primary Market Analysis, will present the most recent and relevant trends impacting leveraged loans, high yield bonds, covenants and CLOs in Q1 2018. This discussion will showcase the unique breadth and depth of the data available in Primary ID, Debtwire’s new Primary Issuance database and an integral component of Debtwire Par.

      Colm (C.J.)  Doherty
      Colm (C.J.) Doherty
      Global Head of Primary Market Analysis, Debtwire
    • 01:30

      Retail Reinvention

      In 2017, U.S. retailers announced more than 3,000 store openings, which also went along with roughly 6,800 chain store closures. In that same period only USD 100m of high yield retail borrowings matured, which is dwarfed by the USD 1.9bn that is set to mature in 2018, according to Fitch Ratings Inc. On an average annual basis USD 5bn will mature each year between 2019 to 2025. While the retail industry's prospects remain challenged, opportunities abound for distressed debt funds and other types of investors who are betting on its long-term future.

      Panelists will discuss the changing contours of the retail business and where the opportunities lay ahead.

      • Is the worst of the retail downturn still ahead?
      • How are market players valuing real estate given the wave of store closures, and in particular those of anchor retailers? 
      • 2017 was the year of aggressive asset maneuvers, but the year ended with a victory for Hot Topic bondholders. Will the settlement give sponsors pause? 
      • Foreign assets and IP value: the collateral that everyone wants? Is this truly where the value lies?
      Gregg Galardi
      Gregg Galardi
      Partner, Ropes & Gray LLP
      Andy  Graiser
      Andy Graiser
      Founder and Co-President, A&G Realty Partners
      Durc  Savini
      Durc Savini
      Senior Managing Director, Guggenheim Securities
      Marshall  Schleifman
      Marshall Schleifman
      Managing Director, Consensus
      Reshmi  Basu
      Reshmi Basu
      Assistant Editor- Americas, Debtwire (moderator)
    • 02:15

      Coffee Networking Break

    • 02:30

      What’s Next for Oil & Gas?

      With the wave of oil & gas related bankruptcies now behind us, what’s next for the industry? Plenty of opportunities still lurk in the offshore space, as well as prospects for "zombie" operators that already restructured. With oil prices still depressed, how can distressed investors generate returns?

      Delegates will listen to panelists discuss where investors can find the remaining distressed opportunities in the O&G industry and what lays ahead.

      • Drawing lessons from the 2014/16 commodities bust – recovery rates, perfection of assets, covenants and returns.
      • How will OPEC cuts and US production move markets over next 12 – 18 months?
      • How are oilfield service companies surviving and what are their long-term prospects?
      Matthew  Hart
      Matthew Hart
      Managing Director, Intrepid Financial Partners
      Pranav  Gupta
      Pranav Gupta
      Vice President, Evercore
      Ian  Roberts
      Ian Roberts
      Special Counsel, Baker Botts LLP
      Joe Stone
      Joe Stone
      Managing Director, Stephens Inc.
      Alexander  Gladstone
      Alexander Gladstone
      Senior Reporter, Debtwire (moderator)
    • 03:30

      Event Concludes

      *Agenda is subject to change

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