Debtwire Latin America Forum

03 December 2019

Grand Hyatt
New York
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Latin American distress is back in the news, and the Debtwire Latin America Forum is back as well to discuss Argentinian woes, Ecuadorian opportunities and the restructuring environment throughout Latin America for both sovereign and corporate debt. Don’t miss your chance to end the year by networking with the top cross-border investors, while discussing investment opportunities and challenges for 2020.

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    Panel – Looking across LatAm

    Local unrest and political turmoil may be getting all the news but there are also no shortage of macro-economic factors pressing on Latin American countries, including the growing likelihood of a global economic downturn and the impact of increasing trade restrictions. How do investors with a broad emerging markets mandate think about both macro and micro factors in the Latin American region? What are the overall prospects of the region in 2020, and which individual countries will offer the most attractive opportunities? Should investors focus on a single country, or take a broad approach? And what kinds of investment offer the best risk reward ratio in this challenging environment?

    Sean Newman
    Sean Newman
    Senior Portfolio Manager, Invesco
  • 10:00

    Fireside chat

    There are few participants in the sovereign debt market with as storied a history as Lee Buchheit. During a legal career spanning 43 years he worked on the sovereign debt restructurings of over two dozen countries, and is now acting as an advisor to the interim government in Venezuela. In this candid interview Debtwire Latin America's managing editor Ben Miller will ask Lee about his long career, the many lessons he has learned, and his views on Venezuela, the battle for state oil company PdVSA and other sovereign situations in LatAm.

    Ben  Miller
    Ben Miller
    Managing Editor- Latin America, Debtwire (moderator)
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    Panel – Mexico: opportunity or red-flag?

    On the national scale the flatlining Mexican economy promises a fresh wave of opportunities for distressed investors, even as the increasingly complicated battle for Oro Negro highlights the challenges of crystalizing those opportunities. There are of course wider challenges for the energy sector, as well as for non-bank financials. What sectors offer the safest opportunities for international investors, and what lessons can be learnt from recent restructurings?

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    Panel – Argentina: it's like déjà vu all over again

    As negotiations between international bondholders and the incoming Argentinian government start to gear up, this panel discusses what haircuts investors should accept and whether they will trigger a fresh round of legal action. And beyond the obvious impact on sovereign debt, what impact will this latest crisis have on Argentinian corporates and their ability to access global capital?

    Jorge Piedrahita
    Jorge Piedrahita
    CEO, Gear Capital Partners
    Jonathan  Szwarc
    Jonathan Szwarc
    Head of Latin America Credit Research, Debtwire (moderator)
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    Panel – Unrest in the Andes

    As political unrest spreads Chile, simmers in Ecuador, and threatens Peru, this panel will dive deep into the impact on both sovereign and corporate debt in the Andean region. Ecuador in particular rests on a knife edge for investors. Will the IMF program inspire a wave of confidence and inward investment, or the promise of ongoing unrest? And what of Chile as unrest spirals into a major crisis? Is now the time for bondholders to withdraw, or to hold their nerve? If all that isn’t enough for investors to chew on the battle for control of PdVSA in Venezuela is becoming increasingly interesting, and will also be a discussion topic

  • 14:15

    Fireside chat - Navigating FCPA compliance

    As the US government continues to crack down on international bribery and corruption this masterclass asks a deceptively simple question- what do US investors in Latin American debt need to do to make sure they don’t end the careers in jail?

  • 14:45

    Panel – Brazil after Odebrecht

    The political situation in Brazil may be full of uncertainty, but what effect is that having on the economic situation, and on the opportunities for investors in both performing and distressed debt? This panel starts with a broad outlook on the Brazilian economy, and the effect of the new government on its prospects, before turning to how that will impact local debt markets. Should we expect a new range of distressed opportunities, or a continuation of the recent more benign environment? And as the impact of Odebrecht continues to rumble on, what can we learn from that mess about the outcomes of restructuring in the current legal and political environment?

    Ben  Miller
    Ben Miller
    Managing Editor- Latin America, Debtwire (moderator)
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