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The Puerto Rico Restructuring

June 7, 2016 | The University Club of New York

  • Topics Discussed

    • 08:00

      Registration and breakfast

    • 08:30

      The Puerto Rico Dichotomy: Creditor strategies in an unprecedented restructuring

      • How can the various Puerto Rico creditor groups be expected to navigate a workout?
      • What steps are insurers taking to mitigate their losses?
      • To what extent are the insurers’ goals at odds with those of other creditors?
      • Does PREPA’s experience with restructuring provide any guidance for the government and creditors?
      Dominic  Frederico
      Dominic Frederico
      President & Chief Executive Officer, Assured Guaranty Ltd.
      José A. Sosa   Lloréns
      José A. Sosa Lloréns
      Partner, PSC
      Aaron  Stern
      Aaron Stern
      Director, Fir Tree Partners
      Nader Tavakoli
      Nader Tavakoli
      President and Chief Executive Officer, Ambac
      Seth  Brumby
      Seth Brumby
      Deputy Editor, Debtwire Municipals (moderator)
    • 09:30

      Coffee break

    • 09:45

      The Road Ahead for Puerto Rico: An outlook on post-restructuring interplay between economic and fiscal policy

      • How will Puerto Rico balance the need for infrastructure investment against creditor demands?
      • Does Puerto Rico have a sufficient economic and tax base to pay off restructured debt as well as any new fiscal obligations?
      • How should Puerto Rico determine its basic governmental functions and who will be competing for those resources?
      Melba Acosta
      Melba Acosta
      President, Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico
      Martha E. M. Kopacz
      Martha E. M. Kopacz
      Senior Managing Director, Phoenix Management Services LLC
      Sergio M. Marxuach
      Sergio M. Marxuach
      Public Policy Director, Center for a New Economy
      Richard Ravitch
      Richard Ravitch
      Co-chair of the New York State Budget Crisis Task Force, Former Lieutenant Governor of New York, and Board Member of The Volcker Alliance
      Gregory A. Clark
      Gregory A. Clark
      Head of Municipal Research, Debtwire Municipals (moderator)
    • 10:30

      Restructuring under a new administration

      • How will the next administration reverse the island’s economic fortunes?
      • What new governmental advisory roles may be created post-restructuring, and who are the candidates to fill them?
      Thomas  Doe
      Thomas Doe
      President and Founder, Municipal Market Analytics, Inc.
      Jorge Irizarry
      Jorge Irizarry
      Executive Director, Backyard Bondholders
      Dr. Ricardo Rosselló
      Dr. Ricardo Rosselló
      Candidate for Governor of Puerto Rico, New Progressive Party
      Arnaldo Soto Jr.
      Arnaldo Soto Jr.
      Chairman Emeritus, Puerto Rico Construction & Infrastructure Cluster, Hub International CLC
      Paul Greaves
      Paul Greaves
      Managing Editor, Debtwire Municipals (moderator)
    • 11:15

      Event concludes

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